Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing Services

Concrete slabs have a distinct and natural beauty, and its cost-effectiveness and durability make it a go-to flooring option for many industries. 

Concrete, however, has long been disregarded by those desiring a bright, reflective, inviting and clean floor finish. Before, that finish was only available through vinyl and ceramic tiles.

Concrete Floor Polishing

Fortunately, there is now a method that can give concrete the same lustre and warmth provided by tiles, epoxies and linoleum, all while retaining its cost-effectiveness and ability to withstand traffic: concrete polishing. 

With this technique, concrete can exhibit reflective capabilities that can rival many of the most popular commercial finishes today.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

Other than its aesthetic appeal, durability and cost-effectiveness, here are some of the benefits of choosing polished concrete:
  • It can match the existing decor. Polished concrete can easily be stained, painted and designed to match the existing decor. From simple colours to detailed borders, logos and designs, the possibilities are endless.
  • It requires little maintenance. Polished concrete floors are extremely easy to clean, requiring only the occasional damp mopping. Unlike wood floors, concrete does not need wax to maintain its shine.
  • It is resistant to moisture problems. Unlike laminate, wood and epoxy, polished concrete allows the floor to breathe properly and is resistant to moisture.
You can enjoy all these benefits when you hire the concrete polishing services of our professionals at Grind and Seal Ltd. As the expert in polished concrete floors in NZ, we have developed methods to implement polished concrete systems efficiently. On top of this service, we will also educate you in all aspects of the polished concrete finish, delivering the information you need to make quality decisions about your flooring.

Call us today to schedule a polishing project for your concrete floor. For your added convenience, we have provided a contact form here. Fill it out to get your free quote. 

Concrete polished floor
polished concrete floor
Closer view of a polished concrete floor with black chips
Concrete polished floor with black chips
Concrete polished floor
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